How to plan your move to a new university

You’ve been offered a place at a university in another state. Congratulations! While this is an exciting time, it can also be a little daunting to think about moving to a new city (or even country) for your studies. Don’t worry though, with a bit of planning, you can make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to plan your move to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Check with your admission procedure

You are moving because you have got admission, but don’t forget to keep track of everything. There is nothing worse than getting ready for university and then realizing that something was left out of sync with your application process. This is a very important first step, so do not skip it!

Plan and decide how/when you are going to move

Moving is a complicated process. Also, there are multiple ways in which you can move. Before you decide on how and when you want to move, we recommend getting in touch with a moving professional to explore your options. We can help you, so contact us today!

Check you have bought all the essentials you would like to carry along with you

The best way to ensure you have all the supplies on hand before starting a packing process is by packing your essentials first. This will allow for more time during your hectic days leading up to the move! You will definitely want to take advantage of your time.

Arrange for the packing supplies

Many people are unaware that there is a way to rent packaging material for your move. This ensures you don’t waste money on directly buying it, but even more importantly, prevents the premature disposal of valuable packing supplies. Either way, it is important to get your packing materials early in advance so you do not procrastinate.

Packing tips

  • Separate things into categories like keep, throw away, and donate. This will help you reduce the boxes you pack.
  • Make sure that you vacuum the air out while packing
  • Pack delicate items using styrofoam and bubble wraps. This will prevent them from getting damaged.
  • Wrap the wires of electronic items along with the item they belong to.
  • If there is a complicated wire setup, electronics like a home studio, or anything else, remember to click pictures before you dismantle them. Also, attach stickers on the wires with labeling them where they were attached.
  • Label the cartons and packages with the name of the room in which they are to be kept along with which item is inside the package or carton (e.g., kitchen-storage containers, desk-study room). This way it will be easy to rectify which cartoon belongs to which room, and this will also ease your unpacking.
  • Do not pack excess furniture like bed sofa set, dining table, etc, instead sell them. This way will you will save transportation costs and the taxes of that heavy furniture. Once you are at your new location, you can buy new furniture from there.

Develop a routine

College is a time for exploration and fresh adventures, but it’s difficult to keep up with all your responsibilities if you’re not used to going in this direction. A good idea might sound like coming up with an organized day-to-week routine before moving out on campus. Map out what needs to be done each morning so that there are no surprises when the boxes check themselves off at night!

Visit your new campus

Visiting your future campus before school begins can give you a lot of insight into what life will be like in the classroom and on-campus. You might even find that while it is great to visit one school, there are other factors at play for making an educated decision about which university or college would best suit all aspects, including size of classes/ leaves time off work schedule etcetera. So take advantage of touring various locations before committing yourself!


We hope this blog answered all your questions about how to plan your move to a new school. If you have any further queries, please ‌get in touch with our team. We’re here to help make your transition as smooth as possible.