Home How to Guides: Making the most

Making the most of home

As we invest more time within our homes, their significance has never been greater. However, this shift in lifestyle presents its own set of obstacles. Balancing work and personal life, navigating distractions, and adapting to new “colleagues” who may occasionally bark or cry can be challenging. Here are some suggestions to optimize your living space and overcome these challenges.

1. Declutter and free up some space

A clutter-free environment leads to a clutter-free mind. Free up your living spaces by decluttering and allowing yourself room to think and relax. Implementing smart storage solutions, along with reorganization and tidying, can make a significant difference.

The key is to keep items you frequently use easily accessible and stow away the rest, as advised. Incorporate a mix of open and closed storage options such as drawers, hooks, and baskets, facilitating quick access to essentials whenever required.

2. Love every inch of your home

It’s natural to gravitate towards certain areas of your home more than others, regardless of its size or the number of rooms it has. However, this tendency often means that many spaces remain underutilized.

Maximize this untapped potential by pinpointing these overlooked areas and embracing a creative mindset to reimagine their purpose. With a few simple adjustments, you can breathe new life into dormant spaces and make them functional once again.

3. Create a sense of calm within the chaos

In bustling family homes, especially with the added dynamic of remote work, creating a designated work-free zone is essential.

Achieve a harmonious stay-at-home experience by crafting your personal sanctuary—a cozy and inviting space where you can retreat and decompress. Incorporate a variety of textures, gentle lighting, and soothing hues to cultivate an atmosphere of tranquility, providing the mental space necessary for relaxation.

4. Loosely zone your living spaces

Rethinking the layout of your living space can be beneficial. Certain rooms may serve multiple purposes, while others can be designated for specific activities.

Transform your home into functional work and living zones. For instance, the kitchen can double as a versatile space beyond cooking duties. However, it’s crucial to establish at least one area free from work-related activities—a sanctuary to retreat to and unwind from the demands of the workday.

5. Add more light to your home

While natural light is beneficial for our well-being and enhances the feeling of spaciousness, it’s essential to consider alternative lighting options as dusk approaches.

Enhance your home’s ambiance and add interest with a variety of lighting sources. This not only illuminates different areas but also enables the creation of distinct zones within a larger space. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook, a playful play area, or a temporary work setup, strategic lighting plays a crucial role in crafting enjoyable and functional living spaces.

6. Feel more connected with nature 

View your garden as an extension of your indoor living space. During the warmer months, it serves as a haven for relaxation and outdoor dining.

Embrace a deeper connection with nature and encourage your children to explore and engage in outdoor play. Utilize your garden to its fullest potential to enhance your overall home experience.

7. Look to bring the outside world in

Infuse your living spaces with nature by incorporating more houseplants. The addition of greenery not only adds depth and visual interest but also contributes to your health and well-being, particularly if you select plants known for oxygenation.

A carefully chosen houseplant can rejuvenate any room. Begin with resilient and low-maintenance varieties, or explore artificial alternatives for the same aesthetic appeal without the upkeep.

8. Lose yourself in your own home

Unleash your creativity within your living spaces, recognizing that your home can embody whatever you envision. While you may be physically stationary, allow your imagination to roam freely. Design areas that cater to your passions and embrace the liberation of your home by experimenting with new hobbies.

This principle extends to your children as well. Foster imaginative play by transforming spaces into a make-believe café or a cozy hideaway, encouraging them to embark on imaginative adventures. Their toys become props, with their boundless imagination bridging any gaps.

9. Create daily routines and rituals

Navigating work or study from home presents its challenges, with distractions abound. One effective strategy is zoning—a dedicated workspace that’s separate from other activities.

However, the true linchpin lies in establishing a routine. Cultivate a consistent schedule for your home life and strive to adhere to it diligently. Rise early and prepare yourself to tackle the day ahead. Incorporate brief intervals of leisure time, while always maintaining a clear boundary between work and recreation.

10. Keep adapting your living space

As your lifestyle evolves, it’s crucial to factor in both present and future needs when selecting a new home. Opt for a living space that offers flexibility, capable of adapting and expanding along with your family.

When making this decision, prioritize the layout and functionality of the space, ensuring it aligns with your requirements. While aesthetics can be altered, the fundamental configuration of the internal space holds greater significance in meeting your long-term needs.

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