Furniture Donation

Just like used clothes, one can choose to donate furniture as well. Donating furniture from your home or office that is still in good condition is one of the best ways to support any charitable organization. The furniture that is old and unnecessary for you can help another individual build a beautiful home. Furniture donation is a great cause to which everyone can contribute as they purchase new things. Listed below are some reasons why one should donate used furniture.

Become An Affiliate

Someone can use your castoffs.

If you are going to recycle or throw out your castoff furniture, consider donating them. Furniture donation will give you a sense of satisfaction that you got to help someone in need. You never know how much of a big difference that a piece of furniture will make in someone's life.

Offloading is easier

Loading and unloading heavy furniture such as dining tables, beds or couches, can be a hectic job. Instead, you can Miracle Movers to drop off the donation for you. We are always striving to help our community in any way that we can.

Environmentally preferred option

Donating unneeded furniture to non-profits is a step towards a greener earth. Rather than throwing away furniture you don’t need anymore, donating them is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Repay in kind

Is there any piece of furniture which was gifted to you and you feel awkward to sell it, but it is not in use anymore? Well, donating is the ideal solution to this problem. The love and memories you have with this furniture allow another family to experience the same for themselves.

What can be donated to non-profit organizations?

Apart from furniture donations, you can also choose to donate various household items as long as these items are in good condition. Listed below are some of the household items one can choose to donate

Furniture – dining table, chairs, bed, couch, dresser, coffee table, desks, cabinets, cribs, TV stand, etc.

Electronics – cell phones, TV, computer screen, CPU, printer, monitor, vacuum cleaner, radio, clocks, lamps.

Kitchenware – utensils, coffeemaker, glasses, pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, toaster, crockpots

Textile– sheets, curtains, blankets, pillow covers, towels, rugs

Why choose Miracle Movers for furniture donation

Miracle Movers is a well-known commercial and residential moving company. Our employees come equipped with all the needed supplies to handle large, heavy, fragile, or awkward items that need to be moved. At Miracle Movers, we understand that not all belongings will fit into your new place. Therefore, Miracle Movers can assist you in furniture donation by taking away your castoffs and donating them to helpful organizations. In addition, if there is any gently used furniture that is no longer in use, our workers will pick that up and donate it to any non-profit for those in need.

Listed here are some key reasons why you should choose Miracle Movers to assist you with your donations.


  • We will help you pack the items you’re planning on donating.
  • The awkward, heavy, and fragile items which require special care, our employees will handle carefully.
  • You will have peace of mind that you are getting rid of your furniture and helping people who may need it.

Steps for preparing items for donation

If you have decided what you want to part ways with, you must make sure these items are ready for donation. Listed below are the ways that you can make sure these items are ready to donate:

  1. Clean it – A quick wash or wipe-down is going to help keep your items clean and hygienic. 
  2. Assemble the pieces – When donating, make sure all the parts are intact. Don’t donate anything which is broken or missing a component. 
  3. Call for the movers – The movers will help you pick up the item from your home and take it to the non-profit.