Move Commercial Points to Consider to Plan your Move

Commercial Move

Are you planning to move your business? There are a few things you need to consider before deciding. This blog post will outline some of the key points to consider when moving your business. Keep in mind, every move is different and what works for one company may not work for another – so be sure to tailor these tips to fit your specific needs. By taking the time to plan, you can transition as smoothly as possible for your employees and customers.

Prepare a Plan

It’s time to prepare your office for its move. Come up with a timeline that will work well and not take too long, so you don’t disrupt business operations or employees’ schedules. If a smaller space is needed, it could be as quick as two months before all tasks are completed. But if there’s more than enough room, then an eight-month moving process might suit better. Just keep this length at nine months max unless, of course, something goes wrong.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning your move. From the time you need for preparation and disposal, as well as what will happen during each day on-site or off-site. Everything depends upon if it’s just a few items being moved versus an entire building full. There is no shortage of information that must be considered before getting started. One important thing not to forget, especially with larger moves. Where employees may have given up their hours’ productivity in order to assist by performing tasks such as unpacking boxes, you might as well work with commercial movers so that your business stays running.

Involve Employees in Plan

You should make sure your employees are kept aware of the plans and changes for the move. This will help keep everyone on board informed so that they can continue doing their jobs throughout it all. Meetings might be held in the planning stages or when things get more serious. Just like any other big decision, your staff must be involved. These shouldn’t wait too long after happening until discussions begin again. Because let’s face ́it once the moving begins, everyone will have to adjust.


Once the decision is made for moving according to the schedule, start packing the stuff that has to be transported. But before you pack, do not forget to first decide what you do and do not need. This will help you to reduce the items to shift and also make sure that you don’t end up taking useless things to the new location.

Packing according to the new office layout

When you move, it is important to know where things will go in the new office. If possible, get a copy of your blueprint and measure furniture so that there are no surprises when moving in. You’ll thank yourself later for taking these steps ahead. Otherwise, just take measurements or pictures while visiting beforehand which can indicate about how much space each item has available based on its dimensions (don’t forget photos!). Try not to schedule any structural changes until well after the move is completed. This will make the job as a whole much easier.

Inform your Clients

It is important to let your customers and clients know about the change so that they can find you after moving. In addition, keeping them informed shows how valued they are even during major changes in order for their satisfaction not to be lost or forgotten with any uncertainty on where things will go next.

Hire Professional Movers

Last but not least, be sure to hire our professional movers to help you out! Contact us today at 801-709-1363 for more information on our services and how we can help you. You can also fill out our: Instant Quote Calculator