Long-Distance Moving – Points to consider to plan your move

Moving is a daunting task. It can be stressful if you are unaware of the correct way to move. Distance matters the most. If it is a short distance move, you can easily just put all your belonging in a truck/van and drive to the place. But long-distance moving requires more research and proper planning. This blog is the ultimate guide for long-distance movers.


The day you decide to move, start making the plan. Proper planning will help you to have a smooth move. Planning comprises types: 1. Moving schedule 2. Budget

Moving schedule: Start with deciding the dates. Dates should be fixed for each task, such as packing, loading of the stuff, unloading.

Budget: Deciding a budget for moving would help you save you a lot. If you go undecidedly for the budget, you may end up spending more than is actually required.

Planning is important, but staying on point with the schedule is more important. Otherwise, there is no use in planning if you are not going to actually use it.


Packing is a tedious task. Do not put all your things in polythene bags and think your packing is done. Follow these points to pack your things in the best way possible.

Sorting: Select a room, sort all things into categories like things to keep, things to donate/reuse/recycle, and things to throw out. This will help you to know exactly how many items you are actually going to pack.

Packing: You can not pack your belongings if you don’t have the packaging materials. Select good quality packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wraps, polythene bags, and rolls of tape for securing. 

Start packing electronics first as they are the most fragile items. Bubble wrap all the equipment and then put them into cartons. Keep all the cables along with the equipment it belongs to. This will make your task while unloading easy. You won’t have to search for the cables separately. Second, pack all your documents carefully as making them again will add on extra work for you. Keep a separate bag or briefcase for all the documents and keep that bag/briefcase along with you during the whole move. Pack the fragile items carefully with bubble wraps and place them into boxes. 

Next, you can go for the furniture. Dismantle the furniture as much as possible. You can either bubble wrap them first and wrap them into polythene, or only the bubble wraps will also be fine. It depends upon the type of furniture you have. Do not forget to label the box or it may be difficult for you to find the things while unloading and setting your new home. Finally, have a last check on the items so that you forget nothing.


In the end, it doesn’t matter how well you pack if your mode of transport is not proper, because it may end up damaging belongings. There 2 most common modes of transport are container systems and hiring trucks.

Container system: In a container system, you get a container from the supplier for a certain number of days you have decided. The container stays with you to load all the things. You can hire a driver to drive it to your new location then you have to unload it before it is time to return the container.

Hire a truck: It works the same way as the container system. The only difference here is that instead of a container, there a truck is used.

Choosing the right mode of transport can have a significant impact on your moving adventure.


It’s important that you load the things correctly, because if not, they can crash into each other during the journey. Place the heavier furniture first, then move on to lighter materials. This way your fragile items will stay safe during the move.


Another way to finish your move properly is to make sure you have the best driver possible. Opt for routes with less speed bumps and turns. This way you can save your item from getting damaged. Decide the time of your journey before you actually start the journey. Lastly, double check inside the container/truck before your journey so that you know your belongings are in utmost safety.


Once you reach the destination, unload the things carefully. Organize your things by the rooms that they belong in. This will help you set your new home easily. Now that you knowhow you can have a smooth move on your own, let us understand another method of moving.


If you don’t have the time to do all the above things or simply you don’t want to undertake the stress of doing everything on your own, you have the option to hire professional movers. They will make your task easy and give you peace of mind. You just have to separate and pack your things and they will place everything with utmost care and load it into a truck or container. They will drive to your new location and also unload everything safely. The professional movers are trained to perform the moving in the most accurate way. Contact us today about our moving services because we are happy to help!